Cooperative Structure

Song Cooperative marks a revolutionary stride, weaving music, art, education, business, and digital commerce into a solidarity cooperative owned by fairly by workers, creator-contributors and supporters.  A year of collaborative efforts with cooperative minds, and creators has birthed a functional, democratic structure. 

At Song Cooperative, it signifies collective ownership and self-management. Decisions are democratically made, and profits are equitably shared. Our guiding principles align with cooperative values, and we proudly support the seven cooperative principles and are members of Cooperative Associations.

What is a Multi-Stakeholder Cooperative?

A multi-stakeholder cooperative involves multiple stakeholder groups, like workers, consumers, and suppliers, in its ownership and decision-making. It aims to balance their interests and needs while pursuing its objectives, fostering collaboration and inclusivity.

Song Cooperative’s Core Mission:

  • Solidarity Marketing: prioritize community power over financial influence, challenging the dominance of expensive advertising. Promote collaboration, ethics, and social responsibility for a more sustainable and fair marketplace mutual benefits for our members
  • Establish a Vibrant Ecosystem: centralized, worker-contributor-supporter owned platform for music, art, education, business, and digital commerce.
  •  A dynamic marketplace fostering collaboration and creativity.

How is Song Cooperative Structured?

Song Cooperative introduces a multi-stakeholder design with four inclusive member classifications, each holding a vital stake in the cooperative’s success.  The yearly membership must be maintained to be participate in the cooperative. 

1. Contractor/Worker Class:
-Receives 20% of SongStock shares. $ deposited into your wallet account every accounting cycle.  Acknowledging their pivotal role in day-to-day operations and frequent collaborative projects we recognize two types of worker class, part and full-time, part time will get half.  if you’re interested in being a worker contact: [email protected].  No profile type associated. 

2. Supporter Class:
– Receives 10% of SongStock shares of $ to your wallet account every accounting cycle
– Recognizing the significance of advocacy, enthusiasm, and unwavering support brought to Song Cooperative.  To be part of the supporter class you must maintain no less than $25 in purchases of any of the music, products, services subscriptions tickets a quarter.   Profiles include: Supporter. Fan, Philanthropist

3. Contributor Class:
– Receives 70% of SongStock shares the $ directly deposited to your wallet account every accounting cycle. 
– Honoring the creative contributions and active participation of contributors in cooperative development.   Profiles Include: Writer, Educator, Artist, Musician
Band, Business 



This comprehensive structure ensures that every member, regardless of their role or support level, actively contributes to and benefits from the cooperative’s flourishing and diverse ecosystem. Join us at Song Cooperative, where ownership is shared, and creativity knows no bounds.