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Song Co-op - A Solidarity Cooperative


  1. Songcoop.com has been published since December 10, 2022 with the mission of using the power of the many for to enhance the marketing objective of both independent artists and small businesses alike. 
  2. Membership fees for active contributors have been waived for users and members as a promotion offer for the 1st year thereby giving members a free online store and opportunities to sell and be part of a co-owned community of artists, musicians and small businesses.  This promotion is for the first 100 members and is at least $600.00 value.   Anyone who signs up today can set up a sales presence in 15 minutes and start receiving money online today.  
  3.  As of 1/5/2023 we have a total of 23 registered members with the aim and primary objective of gaining 100 members both users, active and supporter members by April 1, 2023.
  4.  We have 7 contributing members with stores that exist in our market place and this is a very good start but our aim is 70 by April 1 2023.
  5.  The song cooperative is held in intrum trust under UHI until such time as the official .coop and international cooperative status is complete.  It’s a process but the paperwork is underway with the hope that we will obtain said status by 1 February 2023
  6.  we are recruiting volunteers for our board of directors as well as for our active cooperative member class and as of now said members will be entitled to 25% of profit sharing/equity of the cooperative.  



  •  All membership is ownership at some level
  • online wallet for easy management of all your transactions within the platform and all profit sharing capital will be added to it every quarter.  
  • 7% commission on referral for all affiliate links and all members are affiliate
  • Extend market reach and grow exponentially via members and their social avenues minimizing individual marketing cost maximizing the power of many.  
  • Between 85 and 97% commission on all income and as different products and services vary the cooperative may only take between $1 and 10% based on the product or service or subscription.  Some will not bare 10% and still be effective so this will be broken down by category.  
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly payouts 
  • Robust online store for every contributing member
    Sell Product, Services, Subscriptions, Tickets, music, books, downloads and just about anything you can think of
  • Copywriting, brokering, licensing, publishing &  DMCA protection  services.  
  • Free for a year the first 100 members.  
  • Event publishing and syndication as well as product services and song syndication via our aggerated product feeds to Google, Amazon, eBay and a host of others
  • ongoing bi-weekly  marketing & sales training for how to make the most out of the platform and how to make money with the cooperative 
  • Networking community helping and supporting the arts and other small business people working together in the ecosystem market place.
  • Collective ownership: Members of a solidarity cooperative own the organization collectively, rather than having a single owner or a group of shareholders. This means that all members have an equal say in decision-making and share in the profits of the cooperative.
  • Shared values: Solidarity cooperatives are often founded on shared values and principles, such as social justice, environmental sustainability, and economic democracy. This can create a strong sense of community and shared purpose among members.
  • Social impact: Because solidarity cooperatives are focused on creating positive social and environmental impacts, they can be a powerful force for positive change in their communities.
  • Economic stability: Cooperatives are often more stable than traditional businesses, because they are owned and controlled by their members, who have a vested interest in the success of the organization.
  • Improved working conditions: Solidarity cooperatives often prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of their workers, leading to improved working conditions and job satisfaction.
  • Employee ownership: In a solidarity cooperative, the employees are also the owners, which can lead to a greater sense of ownership and responsibility for the success of the organization.
  • Education and training: Many solidarity cooperatives offer education and training opportunities for their members, which can help them develop new skills and advance their careers.
  • Community development: Solidarity cooperatives can contribute to the development of the communities in which they operate, by providing jobs, supporting local suppliers, and working to address social and environmental issues.
  • Innovation: Because they are owned and controlled by their members, solidarity cooperatives can be more agile and innovative than traditional businesses, allowing them to respond quickly to changes in the market or in customer needs.
  • Resilience: Solidarity cooperatives are often better able to weather economic downturns and other challenges, because they are owned and controlled by their members, who are motivated to keep the organization thriving.