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  • Social Media Auto Posting

    Posted by Davis on February 14, 2024 at 6:23 pm

    Input and Feedback about new buffer auto post for new social pages. Every member who posts events, products articles and other content in the now is set up to auto post to the following social sites:





    These posts are customizable and distinct to having dates and times and all kinds of different things such as images and more. this automated system is very powerful and for it to work seamlessly and look professional and come out the best it needs to configured and tested. So all feedback here will be reviewed and a revision process will take place. Every thing that will be considered and addressed will be listed here. So please give your feed back.

    Two things need to happen immediately:

    1. The profile pages on the new social media need to be sharp and reviewed by the team for professional branding and marketing.

    2. The existing pages that are now under Georges and Brains accounts need to have all the followers and friends come over to the new pages we have set up strictly for this.

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