Freedom Run


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Freedom Run
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“Freedom Run” is a soaring rock anthem that speaks to the human experience in a profound way. Written by Peter Hubbard and featuring Dan Fowler on vocals, the song is a reflection on the struggles of modern times and the search for a better way. The lyrics are poetic and powerful, painting a picture of a world in turmoil and a call to action to pursue freedom and a better future.

The instrumentation of the song is equally compelling, with Peter’s rhythm guitar and organ work providing a steady and powerful backbone to the track. David’s lead guitar work is equally impressive, adding layers of texture and nuance to the music. Anthony (Tino) Sanchez’s bass playing is masterful, driving the music forward with intensity and precision. George Moomjian’s drumming skills are equally impressive, providing the perfect rhythmic foundation for the music.

Dan Fowler’s vocals are the perfect complement to the music, conveying the sense of urgency and emotion at the heart of the song. His powerful voice soars over the driving rhythm section, encouraging listeners to take action and pursue their dreams.

“Freedom Run” is a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of working together to create something truly special. It is a thrilling celebration of freedom, adventure, and the boundless possibilities of the open road, delivered in a Rock style. It is a fitting tribute to the human spirit and the quest for new experiences that lies at the heart of the human experience.


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