Lost Inside


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Lost Inside
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Song written in 2017 released 3-6-2023.  The team collaborated for many months to work out the words and parts.


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“Lost Inside” is a hauntingly beautiful song written in 2017 and finally released on 3-6-2023. The song was the result of months of collaboration between the talented team of Michelle LeClair on vocals, Alon Shaar on bass guitar, George Moomjian on drums, and David Mabardy on guitar and co-production. The team worked tirelessly to craft the perfect arrangement, carefully balancing the vocals and instrumentation to create a powerful and emotional musical experience.

The song was recorded and mixed by the renowned co-producers Peter Hubbard and David Mabardy at Design of the Dog Studio (https://desdog.com). The team’s expert skills in recording and mixing added depth and nuance to the track, bringing out the best in every aspect of the music.

The song is a moving exploration of the search for meaning and the longing for a connection with something greater than ourselves. Michelle LeClair’s stunning vocals bring the lyrics to life, conveying the raw emotions of a man who is lost and seeking his creator.

Alon Shaar’s bass guitar provides a steady and powerful backbone to the track, adding depth and intensity to the music. David Mabardy’s guitar work is equally impressive, adding layers of texture and nuance to the song. George Moomjian’s drumming skills and percussion give the song a strong and rhythmic backbone, driving the music forward with precision and energy.

“Lost Inside” is a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of taking the time to craft something truly special. The song is a haunting and introspective piece of music that speaks to the human experience in a profound way. It is a fitting tribute to the journey of the soul and the quest for meaning that lies at the heart of the human experience.


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