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Winch Ratchet Tool, Gear Power Puller,Pulling Boat Marine,Heavy Duty Cable Come Along Tool,Automotive Hoist Winch Puller


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4400 Lbs

[HIGH QUALITY STEEL CONSTRUCTION]This included cable has a steel construction that is hardened to resist wear and tear, and features an anti-corrosion and rust-resistant galvanized finish. The high-quality galvanized finish provides it with excellent weather and weather protection.

[2 TON]This is a 2Ton 4,400Lb cable winch puller , powerful ratcheting system, excellent for pulling heavy-duty loads.wire diameter 5 mm, length 6.56 feet.

[CONVENIENT DESIGN]The non-slip handle provides you with a firm and secure grip to ensure safety. rock the crank easily to reduce hand fatigue and effectively improve your work efficiency.

[DUAL-GEAR MANUAL WINCH]The dual-gear design locks and evenly distributes force for easy, measured notch pull for effortless, smooth and consistent pull.

[WIDE APPLICATION]Can be used in workshops, farms and ranches, gardening, construction, boating, home projects, trucking, machine shops and automotive needs.

Product Specifications

Cable specification: Φ5.0mmx2m;

Two ratchets, two pawls, two anti-detachment hooks;

Cable material: steel;

Hook material: alloy steel;

Structural material: carbon steel;

Handle material: plastic

Surface: galvanized;

Handle length: 380MM

Product size (length, width, height) (not packaging size): 580*65*44mm

Weight: 2.6kg

2 Hook Dual Gear Power Puller,4400 Lbs Pulling Capacity Boat Marine

Package List:

1xWinch Ratchet Tool


8800 Lbs

[Impressive 4T Capacity]The Come Along Winch boasts a substantial 4T/8800lbs capacity, making it a powerful tool for various applications. Whether you’re working in construction, automotive, or farm settings, this winch can handle heavy tasks with ease.

[Dual Gears for Enhanced Versatility]With two gears, this hand winch with cable offers versatility in your pulling operations. Use the appropriate gear to match the load and the task at hand, ensuring efficient and controlled lifting for a wide range of applications.

[Two Hooks for Secure Attachment]Equipped with two hooks, this come along winch provides secure attachment points, increasing safety and stability during pulling operations. The dual hooks offer flexibility in how you secure and manipulate the load.

[Durable Steel Cable]The hand winch comes with a sturdy 3m/9.8ft steel cable that can withstand the rigors of demanding applications. The cable is built to endure tough conditions and provide reliable performance over time.

[Versatile Applications]This Come Along Winch is suitable for versatile applications, from construction and automotive to farm work. It’s a handy tool for pulling and hoisting heavy objects in various scenarios, making it a valuable addition to your equipment inventory.


Load capacity: 8800lbs / 4T
Gear: 2 Gears 2 Hooks
Cable Length: 9.84ft / 3m
Cable Specification: Φ0.23in x 9.84ft
Cable material: Steel
Package Includes: 1 x Ratchet Puller


11000 Lbs

[10000Lbs Load Capacity]5 Ton heavy duty dual gear come along winch power puller, steel cable diameter 6mm, 10ft length. The maximum horizontal load capacity of 10000 pounds and with two ratchets, two claws, three anti release hooks automotive hoist cable puller. Which reduces labor output and obtains greater traction.

[Dual Gear Ratchet Puller]Double steel ratchet and double locking pawl can evenly distribute tension, allowing you to use only one hand when towing heavy objects. Anti slip handles give you more space to apply force and make it easier to pull the load.

[Premium Steel]The rope and hooks has all-steel construction, galvanized finish, can effectively prevent corrosion and rust resistance. High quality steel construction keeps the power puller resistant to wear and tear.

[Durable]The puller has a manual winch and a heavy-duty steel structure, this power puller is built to last, durable and practical. Enjoy the relaxing and comfortable operation.

[Wide Application]Automotive hoist cable puller tool is ideal for lifting, lowering, pulling, and stretching. Ideal for agricultural work, landscaping, machine workshops, construction, moving large machinery, straightening fences, and automotive needs etc.


This 5-ton dual gear power puller uses a ratcheting gear pulley system with one-handed effort to move heavy loads with ease.

Wide use in landscaping, construction and outdoor activities, this powerful yet easy-to-use puller simplifies a wide variety of tasks, jet skis, and boats, to pulling tree stumps, or securing loads on trailers. Perfect for lifting many kinds of things. It is easier to pull or lift large or heavy items.


Alloy steel thickened anti falling hook

Anti slip handle for easy operation

Double hook load

Wide range of application

Package Include: 1 x Ratchet Puller


Load Capacity: 5T (11,000lbs)

Cable Specs: 6mmx10ft (DxL)

Cable Material: Steel

Hook Material: Alloy Steel

Structure Material: Carbon Steel

Surface: Galvanized Finish

Handle Material: PlasticHandle Length: 19.29n

Product Size: 26.7×4.9×3.7in

Self Weight: 11lb

Additional information

Weight 4.604 kg

4400 Lbs, 11000 Lbs, 8800 Lbs


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