How to videos

May 24, 2024
  • how to create an account – done
  • how to buy something – done
  • how to sell something
  • how to use a group to organize projects.
  • how to create a group – done
  • how to change messaging options
  • how to set up a store
    • Free Sellers Account in In Our Market Place
    • How do we pay you when you sell something from your store.  We pay to wallet account, you can withdraw and or transfer and or use to buy goods and services from the our member market place as you would hope that someone also will by your products or songs or services or subscriptions.
    • What is the co-op fees and how are based – Based on categories
    • How to manage and set up Products in your store.
  • how to navigate the site – done
  • how to manage connections
  • how to add products to your store
  • how to update profile information – done
  • how to become an affiliate and benefits
  • Events,  How to manage and post events,
    • How to use private events in your groups,  how public events work and how to post events that are personal from your profile page.   All our public events are share on our multiple social media including, instragam, facebook and X when you publish them.  So publish them once and distribute the influence
    • How to Sell Tickets in our market place for your events.
  • How to Classified Ads Free.